Our members proudly serve Canada’s foodservice industry.

The National Foodservice Distributors Association of Canada is a not-for-profit organization committed to advancing and promoting the wholesale distribution sector in Canada at both the regional and national levels. The food distribution industry is Canada's second largest commercial sector, comprised of 80,000 foodservice operators across the country. 

The broadline and specialty distribution companies that are members of NFDA work together to elevate the status and performance of the foodservice industry through enhanced food safety, best practices, sustainability initiatives and social responsibility. In addition, this group works in a collaborative fashion to ensure that our supply chain remains efficient, safe and accountable through traceability efforts, availability of nutritional information and recall management.

Serving as the face of a sector which often works behind the scenes, the NFDA endeavours to ensure Canada's vibrant foodservice industry remains a world leader.

NFDA members committed to excellence!

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