NFDA is your voice in public policy.

Contributing your support helps shape the future of the foodservice distribution industry.

NFDA regularly gathers information about potential announcements that may affect the foodservice distribution industry at both the federal and provincial levels. Furthermore, NFDA has an influence on government and policy makers including Agriculture, Agri-Food, Canada Food Inspection Agency and Health Canada. Membership in NFDA is your chance to have a say on issues that may influence the direction of your industry.

Our government relations program is focused on three primary activities:

  1. We monitor and actively scan the political, legislative and regulatory landscapes to identify issues that affect our members, we assess their impacts to inform members when we detect potential challenges;
  2. We speak for our members by developing advocacy strategies and policy solutions that reflect the viewpoint of the foodservice industry, the people we employ and the customers we serve; and, 
  3. We generate a deeper awareness about the economic and social importance of the foodservice industry by proactively engaging elected officials and public servants.  

NFDA has or continues to engage various order of government on a range of subjects that affect food wholesalers and distributors.

By way of example NFDA is actively engaging the federal government to spearhead solutions that will improve the way poultry quota is allocated to the cheap lace dresses food service industry to ensure benefits to our customers and fairness for consumers.

Likewise NFDA responded swiftly when the Canadian Dairy Commission introduced a new class of mozzarella cheese for restaurants that offer fresh pizza on their menus. NFDA identified problems in the program architecture that imposed new administrative costs and offered answers on ways to improve program roll-out and thereby enhance success.  

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